Born on the same date as Pablo Picasso, born in the same year as Jean-Michel Basquiat’s death, the artist, Cavier Coleman was born.  Raised in Detroit, Michigan during its financial crisis, Cavier’s innate athleticism secured the student a basketball scholarship to Emmanuel College.   The talent thrived during his second year of college which abruptly ended when a model scout discovered Cavier.  The nineteen year old immediately launched his career as an international model which spanned the globe from New York to South Africa. During his travels, the pensive adventurer embarked on a quest in pursuit of artistic expression.  

The model quickly found himself on the other side of the camera’s lens in the role of photographer. His meticulous attention to detail, distinct point of view, and ambition positioned him at the forefront of fashion media.  As a photographer, Cavier continued to work with top agencies like: DNA, Request, and Ford Models.  He gained notoriety after his photographs appeared in Complex, Interview Magazine, amongst other publications.  During this time his client list grew including brands such as Puma, Footaction, Hudson Jeans, Jack Threads, and to name a few. Currently, he is Director of Photography for Chris Brown’s brand Black Pyramid, Soulja Boy’s brand Hudson Outerwear, and Pro-Standard an athletic brand in partnership with the NBA.  Cavier is now served on Wall Street.  He has been interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange by reporter of Olivia Voz of Modern Wallstreet and featured in fashion magazines such as L’etage Magazine in addition to popular hip-hop blogs such as as well as   

Cavier redefines the meaning of “multi-media artist” with an expansive skillset in a broad spectrum of mediums which include: oil paintings, music, art installations, photography, and graphic design. Both, his photographs and paintings are constructed with high contrast, bold lines, and vibrant color schemes. His artistry exhibits the influence of Pablo Picasso and Jean Michael Basquiat,  but his paintings are easily identified by a distinct style that remains unmistakably, Cavier.  His pieces have been featured in the Mayson Gallery as well as celebrity art shows curated by the Fancy Art Collective.   Recently, the artist collaborated with Saks Fifth Avenue placing art installations throughout the department store and in its window displays.  The visual virtuoso paintings have hung on the same wall as Roy Lichtenstein earning him a write up in L’umo Vogue.  Cavier Coleman is currently working on several projects that encompass ad campaigns, art shows, store displays, agency websites, and commercials.

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