Cavier Coleman

117 Dobbin St, Brooklyn New York 11212 Suite 300

Phone Number: 347-276-9915



Profile: The depth and layering of his pieces work to conceal the extraordinary amount of hidden meaning within. With charm,personal, political and social issues invite the viewer's eye. In New York City, Cavier has been featured in the Mayson Gallery, Saks, and The Great Pass Art Tour.

Presently, He is involved in several projects and has work in several store displays, agency websites, and art galleries across the globe and is working towards becoming a household name.


2008-2010 Emmanuel College (Communications) -Athens, GA


2014 Raw Artist Showcase- Brooklyn, NY

2014 Traffic Project meetsGraffiti @ SOHO Art House – Chelsea, NY

2014 Stay Gold Group Art Show-Staten Island, NY

2014 "Gardner Museum" Spotlight Gallery- Staten Island, NY

2014 Access Art Showcase (Dumbo Brooklyn) , NY

2014 Solo Art Preview “Welcome to my World” (Lower East Side)

2015 Diffa by Design Silent Auction (Chelsea,New York)

2015 Saloon Milk (The Attic) New York

2015 Fancy “ Art Preview” Solo show with Roy Lichtenstein (Soho, NY)

2016 Alien Requiem "Art Preview" Spur Tree (Lower East Side, NY)

2016 Mind of Maker (Vice Media & Budwiser Collaboration) (Brooklyn, NY)

2017 "See You Later Gator" Mètis Gallery, Bali Indonesia

2017 "Uptown Alien" (Row House Gallery), Harlem New York

2017 "Cool Shit Block Party Mural", Williamsburg, New York

2017 "Alien Nation" (Installation Brooklyn Curated) Greenpoint, NY

2017 "Art Attack" Group Show (Mayson Gallery) Lower East Side, NY

2017 Art Showcase (Group Show MoMa PS1) Long Island City, NY

2018 Art Installation (Good Luck Dry Cleaner Collective x Saks) New York, NY

2018 ArtMaila ( New York Studio Factory) Brooklyn, NY

2018 Space Land Installation (Up and Down Night Club) curated by Lavita Gold New York, NY

2018 Art Installation (North 3 Street Market) Greenpoint, Brooklyn

2018 Children of the World Foundation Charity (Hotel Rivington) Lower Eastside, NY

2019 "SYMBIOSIS" (Art on A Gallery) Lower Eastside, NY

2019 "Ars Gratia Artis" (The Local) Long Island City, NY

2019 Art Installation, Avant Gallery New York, NY

2019 Protect Yo Heart (Group Showcase) New York, NY

Publications & Reviews

2014 Interview Magazine (Photography) Living the High Life with Curren$y,Interviewed by “Emma Brown

2014 Raise Art “Interview with Kate Ruby” The Caviar of Fashion Photography

2014 Dimension Magazine “ Interview with Alahn Brezan” Behind the Artist

2014 Bleu Magazine “ Interview with “Larryse Brown” Double Dexterity

(Photography editorial) Living in Color Collections

2015 Woofin Magazine (Tokyo) Interview

2015 The Dapifer Interview with “Lakenya Kelly

2015 Be You Campaign Interview with Sofie Van de Ploeg, "Creating Art with an Open Heart"

2017 Obvious Magazine Interview by Jerris Madison "Artist Spotlight"

2017 L'uomo Vogue Art Issue Photography by Max Montgomery

2017 RENTAH PROFILE Interview by Rafal Borynski

2018 Harlem World Magazine Salters Scene

2018 Snax Magazine The Phoneix Issue

2019 Enspire Magazine Cavier Coleman: Nothing But Net, Leather, and Suede

2019 L'Etage Magazine Afro- Art Inspired by Nelson Mandela

2019 Vegas Sports Daily Fashion Slam Dunk

2019 The Photographic Journal Champagne Wishes and Cavier Dreams by Dana Scruggs

Artist Residency

Private Collection, Brooklyn New York 2014

West St Studios, Brooklyn NY 2014

Brooklyn Bazzar, Brooklyn NY 2015

Brooklyn Wine Yard, Brooklyn NY 2015

Yellow House Collective, Brooklyn NY 2015

MÈTIS Bali, Bali Indonesia 2017

La Huerta Art Club, Lower East Side NY 2017

Brooklyn Curated, Greenpoint, NY 2017

The Squeezery, East Hamptons 2017

The Surf Lodge, Montauk, 2017

The Fade Studios, Brooklyn NY 2017

References available upon request.

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